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Dept. of Biotechnology and Research

The Department of Biotechnology and Research of KVM College of Engineering & IT established in the year 2005, offers a two-year Post Graduate programme leading to the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Biotechnology recognized by Cochin University of Science and Technology. This programme has been designed in such a way that the students are well trained in advanced techniques in microbiology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, bio-informatics, biochemistry and plant biotechnology. The students can opt for research programmes in national/international laboratories after the completion of this course. They can also find employment in industries, educational institutions, organizations involved in R & D and also in medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental biotechnology sectors. The department has spacious and well-lit laboratories with all modern facilities. The students are also encouraged to do research and publish their findings in reputed journals. In addition to this they are motivated to do scientific presentations in national and international seminars.


Biotechnology Department Library has a good collection more than 900 books in various disciplines like Biotechnology, Virology, Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Bioprocess technology, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Plant tissue culture, Enzymology and laboratory manuals.

Journals list

  • Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
  • Current Science
  • Indian journal of Biotechnology
  • ICFAI journal of Biotechnology
  • Journal of Advanced Biotechnology
  • BioTechnology : An Indian Journal
  • International journal of Agriculture Environment & Biotechnology
  • Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology
  • Resonance
  • Biospectrum
  • Life Science Industry News


The department has spacious and welllit laboratories with all modern facilities. The laboratories are well-equipped with sophisticated equipment such as High speed refrigerated centrifuges, UV spectrophotometer, UV transilluminator, Electrophoresis Apparatus, PCR machine, Orbital shaking incubators, Inverted microscopes and Stereo zoom microscopes. The department also possesses Tissue culture and Bioinformatics laboratories with broadband internet connection facility.

1. Lab 1

Magnetic stirrer
Electronic Balance
Water Bath
Single pan balance
Digital pH meter
Muffle furnace
Clinical centrifuge

2. Lab II

Rotary Shaker
Electrophoresis unit (horizontal & vertical)
Micro centrifuge
U.V. Transilluminator with shield
Water bath incubator shaker
Electronic balance
Magnetic stirrer
Blotting apparatus
Mixer grinder
Soxhelt apparatus (3 Nos.)
Micro Kjeldahl's apparatus
UV cabinet
Mono quartz distillation unit

3. Common Instrumentation Room

Digital pH meter
Vacuum pump
Thermal cycler
Electronic Balance
Cooling centrifuge
Orbital Shaking Incubator
Microwave oven
UV Visible spectrophotometer
Deep freezer (-40oC)
Phase contrast inverted microscope with digital SLR camera
Air conditioner
Digital Rotary Evaporator (IKA
Gel documentation system with electrophoresis units (BioRad
Column chromatography apparatus
Phase contrast inverted microscope with digital SLR camera

4. Plant tissue culture lab

Laminar airflow cabinet
Stereo zoom microscope
Tissue culture racks with timer control

5. Microbiology Inoculation room

Laminar airflow cabinets (Vertical and Horizontal)

6. Disinfection/
sterilization room

Pressure cooker
LPG gas stove
Hot plate
Hot air ovens

7. Bioinformatics lab
Broad band internet

Bioinformatics Lab

The students were made aware and taught them to utilize bioinformatics tools to address various questions on life sciences, specifically at sub cellular and molecular level that cannot be solved using traditional morphological analyses.
A network of several high-performance computers suitable for data mining, sequence analysis, structural biology, molecular modelling and scientific graphics visualization were installed in the facility. Bioinformatics Facility is based on a number of UNIX servers accessible through Internet and the Local Area Network (LAN). The facility maintains operating systems environments like UNIX, LINUX and Windows compatible with PCs. The network is enhanced with a fibre optic backbone devoted for the bioinformatics facility with the Internet access at 512 Kbps.

The Bioinformatics facility maintains a number of shared scientific software licences for the student learning purpose which includes: GOLD 3.0 ARGUS LAB 4.0.1 HEX 6.1 AUTODOCK 4.2 Dock 5.3.0 AMBER 8.0 GCG Sequence Analysis Software Suite EMBOSS MODELLER RASMOL SWISS PDB VIEWER


Photo Name Designation&
Qualification Exper-

Area of
1 Dr. Kannan M Head of Dept. Ph.D. in Microbiology,
M.Sc. Applied Microbiology,
7y 9m 17 Virology
2 Aswathi Chandran Asst. Professor M.Sc,
7y 9m 8 Biotechnology
3 Lekshmy R. Nair Asst. Professor M.Sc. Biotechnology ,
6 Biotechnology
4 MINI GOPINATHAN Asst. Professor M.Sc Zoology,
B.Sc Zoology , B Ed.
8y 1m Zoology

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